GOODBYE, UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS. IT’S TIME TO SWITCH TO GA4. GA4 is not just an upgrade, but a whole new world!

On Mar 16, 2022, Google announced the sunset timelines for Universal Analytics whereby existing Universal Analytics properties will no longer process new hits after July 1, 2023.

At its core, the new GA4 platform is centred on 'privacy'. It leverages machine learning to give automated signals along the customer journey.



  • Premium Version: Higher Hit Limits
  • Data-Driven Attribution Modelling
  • DV360 Integration
  • Google Optimize Integration
  • Channel Groupings
  • Google Search Console Thinking


  • Data Import with API
  • Properties and Views
  • Salesforce Integration
  • We’re most keen to see these added, in order to be at par with Universal Analytics.


  • Cross-device intelligence
  • BigQuery export for non-premium properties
  • Predictive audiences
  • Use of AI to generate insights and predictions
  • Privacy-centric, IP anonymization by default
  • New data model with fewer scopes
  • Future proof for the cookie-less world
  • Automatic capturing of several events (Scroll depth, video engagement, file download etc.)

Concepts Revisited in GA4

  • Lower sessions in comparison to UA
  • Data streams instead of Views and Segments
  • Delay in data as GA4 will process events that arrive up to 72 hours later vis-a-vis 4 hours in UA
  • Bounce Rate replaced with Engagement Rate

Our analysis of the GA4 tool

Is it time to move?

“Absolutely! If you want to build up at least a year of historical data in GA4 before the hard cutover, then you have approximately 3 months to set up GA4. Over and above the urgency, GA4 comes along with new features that enables advance analytics at zero tool cost also ensuring high data privacy norms. Given the complexity involved in setting up GA4, organizations will need experts to handhold them through this journey.”

- Parul Gautam, Vice President – Analytics, Interactive Avenues - A Reprise Network Company

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